To configure a usage-based subscription, you first need to connect your data as Hyperline will need some dataset for you to configure usage-based products. If it’s not done already, you can use a CSV file, our API ou data loaders.

When your first events have arrived, you’ll be able to create a usage-based product here.

Select the usage based product, then configure your options and your metering to attach your product to the data you want to bill. Metering can be configured in many different ways, to know more you should take a look at our product catalogue guide.

Once the product is setup and at least one recurring price is defined, you’ll be able to assign it to a subscription.

Head over to the subscription tabs and click on new subscription, select your customer and then click on add product.

Select your product, an interface will appear for you to configure prices, the subscription schedule and various parameters.

If you want to learn more about metering options on a subscription, read our metering guide.

Click on payment settings and assign the subscription using the Manually later option, you’ll be redirected to the customer page, the subscription should display the current usage.

If you’re in test mode, you’ll be able to simulate new events directly from the “events” tab.

If you want to explore your consumption, you can click on the little eye icon next to the unit count, it will open the live consumption modal and will give you the detail of your consumption.

And done! Feel free to browse our documentation specific to subscriptions or to contact us on Intercom to get some help on your use case!