In the Hyperline platform, an event is a specific action or occurrence that can be tracked and measured. You can explore it in the Events section. This view is global and will show all the events that are being tracked.

However, for each subscriptions and invoices, you can explore a more detailed view of the events.

Explore usage data

You will be able to view the product’s consumption along with the amount billed for each event.

In order to do so, an action Explore consumption is available on different levels:

Open data consumption on subscription

Explore invoice consumption

Explore consumption on customer portal

In the customer portal, you can delve into the consumption details of each subscription.

This can be found in the ‘Subscription Details’ section.

Here, you can view and analyze the usage data associated with each subscription.

Download usage data

In order to analyze and process your usage data, you can download it in CSV format by clicking on the Export CSV button.

Then you’ll obtain a CSV file with the following columns:

Customise displayed event name

The event name can be customized when you create or edit the product. It will be used to identify the event in the consumption.

In order to have a dynamic name for each event, it can depend on a specific key of the event.

Customize exposed columns

In the product editing section, you have the option to customize the columns that appear in the consumption CSV export.