In most cases, invoices are automatically generated, either on a recurring basis for ongoing subscriptions or from one-time payments.

Hyperline also enables manual creation of invoices for specific ad-hoc needs with a visual preview. To do this, click on the ‘Create Invoice’ button from the customer details page.

Invoice header

You can edit your billing information on Settings > Company (this will impact all your other invoices created afterwards) and your customers’ billing information on their customer details page by clicking on Edit information.

Emission date

For legal reasons, the emission date cannot be updated and will be set on today’s date.

Due date

You can set the due date anytime in the future, including today. This will function the same way as the payment delay: once the due date reached, the invoice status will change to late.

Purchase order

Optionally, you can add a custom purchase order on the invoice.

Custom note

Optionally, you can add a custom note on the invoice. You can use it to add any additional information to your customer.

Line items

Line items correspond to the products on your subscription and one-time-payment invoices, expect they are fully custom, and not connected to the product and coupons catalog. This means you can add custom line items and coupons that will be one-use only.

Add line item

You can add an unlimited amount of line items to your invoice by clicking on new line item. The name, description and display a custom payment interval can be fully customized. The quantity and unit price will be multiplied automatically to calculate the total price. The VAT rate is set based on the customer country, and cannot be edited.

Delete line item

Line items can be deleted at any moment by clicking on delete line item.


Coupons will apply a discount to the total amount of the invoice before taxes.

Add coupon

You can add a coupon and customise its name and discount amount.

Delete coupon

Coupons can be deleted at any moment by clicking on delete coupon.

Create draft invoice

Once all set, you can click on ‘Create draft invoice’.

The invoice generated will not be sent to the customer, but put into a draft status. You will be able to edit the invoice as many times as a needed before generating the final invoice to send it to your customer.