Top-up an existing wallet

There are 3 ways funds can be added to a customer’s wallet:

  1. You can either top-up through Hyperline yourself (after discussing with your customer and agreeing on an amount)
  2. Customers can also top-up their account themselves through their customer portal
  3. The wallet can be topped-up through the API

Top-up your customer’s wallet in Hyperline

Once you created a wallet for your customer:


Click on top-up


Here you can choose between paid or free top-up.

Paid top-up are funds your customer paid (or will pay) for. Free top-up are an offer you are making to the customer (the funds will be added for free).

Invoices for top-up

One-off invoices are generated when users tops-up their wallet. As funds are added through credit cards, an invoice is generated at the time of purchase and paid immediately.

Top-up from the customer portal

You can make your customers autonomous by offering them to top-up through their portal.


Make sure you enabled the option

For this, you have to go to the wallet settings first.

Top-up limitations

It is currently not possible to add more than $100 in one payment to a wallet, and the total balance of a wallet can’t be more than $500 for payments made through a customer portal.

Paid top-ups added through Hyperline have no limitations.


Your customers are now able to top-up from their portal

They will be required to add a credit card as a payment method to do so.


Your customers must choose how much they want to top-up their wallet with

Clicking on Top-up on this screen will trigger an immediate payment from the registered credit card and credit the wallets instantly.


The corresponding invoice is now created and visible on the portal

Invoices can be downloaded as PDF by the customer.

Wallet debit

Customers wallets are automatically debited when the feature is enabled (wallet settings configured) and if there is money on it. They are used to pay subscriptions, related invoices and one-time payments.

A wallet cannot have a negative balance.

We make sure to take the maximum amount of money from wallets when paying invoices, but the potential remaining part to pay will be processed with the default customer payment method (the one saved).

An invoice can have multiple debit methods, e.g. wallet + credit card, and this will be displayed on the final generated PDF invoice.

Wallet balance & projection

Wallet balance are computed in real time in Hyperline.

In addition to the wallet balance, we also compute and return a projected balance. This balance take into account a projection of the future remaining money on the wallet after paying what will be due in the current period (subscription, usage). This is particularly useful for a pay-as-you-go use case when you want to restrain access to your product if the customer doesn’t have enough funds on their wallet.