The dashboard is the first interface you see when logging in to your Hyperline account. It features key metrics at the top, the list of outstanding invoices as well as the coming subscription renewing for the next 7 days at the bottom. It will give you a quick, effective overview on your business.

Key metrics


ARR represents the total annualized revenue that a SaaS company expects to receive from its subscription customers over the course of a year, while MRR represents the total monthly revenue generated from subscriptions.

Recurring revenue does not take discounts into account. You can see the discounted amount total at the bottom right of the ARR section.

Revenue last 30 days

This displays the revenue for the last 30 days for both recurring and one-time payments. Right below is the total revenue since the 1st January of the ongoing year.

Active subscriptions

This displays the number of active subscriptions for your account. Below is the ARPA (Average Revenue Per Account) that provides insights into the average value derived from each customer.


The Churn is the rate at which customers or subscribers discontinue or cancel their subscriptions or services during the current month vs the last month.

Churn is also known as “customer attrition” or “customer turnover”.

Retaining existing customers is often more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. If you observe a high Churn on your account, consider implementing strategies to reduce it, like improving customer support, enhancing the product or service, offering loyalty incentives (through coupons or free credits), and analyzing customer feedback to address pain points.

Outstanding invoices

We display on the dashboard a list of invoices, filtered to keep the outstanding invoices only. This gives you at a glance the list of invoices that are awaiting partial or full payment. You can mark the invoices as Paid or partially paid from the dashboard directly, mark them as Voided or download them as pdf.

Subscriptions renewing in the next 7 days

This section features the list of subscriptions renewing in the next 7 days and indicates the customer’s name as well as the next payment date.