Hyperline offers a customer portal where your customers can get access to their live subscription, payment methods, billing information and invoices. Our objective is to ensure a transparent and well-organized billing summary to offer to your own customers.

As well as displaying information correctly, this portal offers a number of action options for your customers:

View subscription details

Customers can access the full details of their subscription by clicking on ‘Subscription details’ on the portal.

This sub-page will display the content of the next invoice that will be billed, as well as the detailed price structure of every product.

Change payment method

To do that, they just have to click on the trash button next to their payment and add the new payment method they want to use.

Top-up wallet

You can make your customers autonomous by offering them to top-up their wallet in the portal. For this, make sure you enable the option on the wallet settings first.

Clicking on Top-up wallet on this screen will trigger an immediate payment from the registered credit card and credit the wallets instantly.

Edit billing information

To make changes, they simply need to click on the “Edit” option. This grants them the ability to update and modify their billing details as needed, ensuring accuracy and up-to-date information for a seamless payment process.

Download invoices

All invoices are listed and can be open to their dedicated invoice page.

Customer can download their invoice PDF using the ‘Download’ button on the top-right corner.

How to access the customer portal

To view the portal for a specific customer: go to the customer page, select the customer you want to view then click on the ‘Portal’ button.

You can easily provide your customers with this unique portal link. Each customer portal link is individually generated and secured through a unique ID.

Customize the portal

Colors & brand identity

The portal adopts the primary brand color and icon that have been configured in the ‘Settings’ section under the ‘General’ tab of Hyperline. This uses the same codes as those displayed on the invoice sent to your customers. This feature enables you to personalize your customer portal with the distinct colors and branding of your company

Set a custom domain

In order to personalize further the experience for your customers, you can configure a custom domain for the hosted portal and checkout pages.

You can set it in your settings, and to enable it you need to add a CNAME record pointing to cname.hyperline.co on your DNS provider.

For example: you want to set your custom domain to billing.alpeak.com in Hyperline, and add the related CNAME record on your DNS provider, we will provide you portal and checkout URLs with the form:


We will automatically manage the related HTTPS SSL certificate.