Alongside pricing and billing-related capabilities (including subscriptions, invoicing, etc.), Hyperline assists you with the payment process by charging the payment method and automatically reconciling it.

Payments correspond to the Transaction concept and represent a move of money.

Transaction status

In the Invoice section, there is a segment dedicated to displaying the invoice’s transaction status. This status can be:

Note that one invoice can feature several transactions with different statuses.

Payment reconciliation

With a payment provider

If you choose cards or direct debit, invoices processing will be automatic. You won’t need to do anything on your hand to manually reconcile payments.

Learn more about how to handle payment errors on this page.

Through bank transfers

If you allow for bank transfers as a payment method (in the Settings -> Payment page), you will have to manually mark invoices as Paid in Hyperline, as we won’t be able to access your bank account information and history.

Once you have added a subscription for your customer, they can pay from their checkout page and select Bank transfer.

When the customer clicks on Pay, they will access a link to download their invoice as a PDF document.

From there, the invoice will appear to you in the Invoices section as To pay.

It will be your prerogative to mark it as Paid or Partially paid from Hyperline.

Changing invoices status (for bank transfers)

Manually changing the status of invoices only applies to bank transfers and other offline transactions. For all other transactions (credit cards, direct transfers) through a Payment Service Provider, invoices will be automatically updated in Hyperline.

When creating a new subscription with bank transfers, the invoice status will automatically be marked as To pay until a first payment is made by the customer.

Mark an invoice as paid or partially paid

There are two ways you can switch a To pay status to Paid or Partially paid.

From the Invoice section, by clicking on the three-dots menu on the line of the chosen invoice, and by selecting Mark as paid/partially paid.

Or from the invoice page itself, by clicking on Actions and then on Mark as paid / partially paid.

You can choose to mark the invoice as Paid or Partially paid. Specify the amount paid and click on Save.

The partially paid status allows you to offer to your customers to pay in several payments. You can update the invoice status after each payment until receiving the total amount, and thus be more flexible in the payment options you offer.

The invoice status will switch to either Paid or Partially paid, and the transaction status will be marked as Settled which means the transaction has been completed.

Here is how it will look for a partially paid invoice:

And for a fully paid invoice: