Hyperline natively support majors Payment Service Provider (PSP). This means that using these services won’t require you any technical operation: simply connect your account in one click and let Hyperline orchestrates it without extra work on your side.

PSPSupported payment methods
StripeCard, SEPA Direct Debit, ACH Direct Debit
MollieCard, SEPA Direct Debit, SEPA Transfer
GoCardlessSEPA Direct Debit


Following connection, Hyperline will automatically create or update customers and their related details as needed on the payment providers.

Payment method collection forms (card details, Direct Debit mandates, etc.) are directly embedded in Hyperline flows, hosted pages, and frontend components without requiring technical work on your part.

Payments are automatically triggered on the customer’s payment method when needed, and all related flows (retry, refund, chargeback, etc.) are natively integrated for you.

You no longer have to worry about the technical complexity of integrating a payment provider; just use Hyperline, and we cover the rest for you. As an extra advantage, switching between providers becomes a no-brainer since you are not coupled with any specific one anymore.


Hyperline supports starting with an existing payment provider account. We have mechanisms to easily import your customers and their associated payment methods into Hyperline, allowing you to start with your current customer base without needing to ask for your customers’ payment methods again.

Please contact our support if you are interested.


You can connect multiple payment providers simultaneously. This allows you to distribute payment method usage among multiple providers at different costs.

For example, you can let your customers pay by card using Stripe and by SEPA Direct Debit using Mollie, benefiting from negotiated rates for each.

This may be subject to additional configuration. Please contact our support if your are interested.