Hyperline offers support of nearly all existing currencies when it comes to products, subscriptions and plans prices and invoices, providing you with the flexibility to bill your customers in their preferred currency.

When it comes to payment, the supported currencies mainly depend on your connected payment provider. We recommend you to check their capabilities case by case depending on your need.

Within the list of currencies enabled at your account level, two (which can be the same) are designated as:

  • Accounting currency
  • Reporting currency

Your customer’s currency is different from account’s accounting or reporting currencies. It can be edited from the Customer section → selecting the customer → clicking on Edit the customer’s information.

Accounting currency

In most countries, you’re legally required to maintain your accounting ledger in your country’s main currency. This can get tricky when you’re invoicing customers in multiple currencies. At Hyperline, we’re setting your accounting currency to your default country currency to make sure you won’t have any legal issue down the road.

This only affects your invoices’ footer, where we’ll display the converted amount when needed.

Reporting currency

Your reporting currency defines how we convert amounts on aggregated views, like your dashboard, or your aggregated revenue.

It won’t impact invoices or exports, only the display on the app. This value can be changed as often as you want.