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Refund a paid invoice and issue a credit note

If you wish to refund an invoice that has already been paid:


Go to the Invoice section

Click on the invoice to refund. Note that only paid or partially paid invoices can be refunded.


Then click on Actions and choose Refund

Refunding a payment will initiate a new transaction to your customers’ default payment method and generate a credit note. This action cannot be undone.


Specify the amount to refund (partial or full refund)

Click on Refund to validate.

This will generate a credit note marked as paid. Credit notes appear in the invoice list in the Refund category.

Visualize your credit notes

To see your credit notes:


Go to Invoices


Filter the list by category


Select Refund

From there, you can download credits notes and/or see transactions on PSPs by clicking on the three-dots menu for each credit note.