• Using the interface

  • Using the API

Use cases for wallets

The wallets capability allows you and your customers to pre-pay credits to be automatically used by Hyperline’s system when paying invoices. This feature is particularly useful when you want to set up upfront payments in pay-as-you-go flows, or offer free credits to your customers.

There are 2 main concepts when starting with wallets in Hyperline:

  • Wallet settings: configured at your account level and shared for all your customers
  • Wallet: configured at your customer level and unique to the customer

In Hyperline, a wallet contains money in the currency of your customer. This money is the main information when dealing with wallet balance, but we also compute and keep track for you of the correspondance in unit credits depending on the mapping of your wallet settings (see Set up credit prices section).

A wallet cannot have a negative balance.


If your customers are paying depending on their use of your services, you can provide them with a wallet so they have an upfront payment solution.


One API call costs your customer 1 cent. If you activate the wallet, your customer will be able to buy credits in advance (you can define how much 1 credit is worth). They can then pay upfront for as many credits as they want (100 dollars to provide for 10 000 API calls for instance) and use your services until they run out of credits.

Free credits

You might want to offer your customers some free credits. Wallets allow you to do so by creating free credits so that your customers will have less to pay on their next invoice.

Wallets top-up are processed in unit credits, and we make the conversion in money with the related customer’s currency depending on your unit credit prices mapping of the settings. Free credits can only be added by Hyperline’s users and our API.

Managing credit run-out

If you allow your customers to buy credits through wallets, we recommend you think about a flow to warn them before their credit reaches 0. This is especially relevant if reaching 0 credit risks triggering service interruption.

You can use our webhooks to monitor wallets activity.

Configure wallets and credits

Wallets and credits are configured in the Settings page, in the Wallets section.

Allow free credit

This option allows you to offer credits to your customers without financial compensation. Activate this option if you’d like to offer free credits to your customers.

Allow users to buy credits from the portal

If you enable this option, users will be able to buy credits with their current payment method directly in their portal.

Set up credit prices

Price for one credit needs to be specified for each billing currency.

Updating a credit price will impact all customers with credits a credit balance on their wallets. We recommend not to change it too often.

Click on Save changes when you are done.

Create a wallet for a customer

Now that you have defined credit prices, you will be able to create wallets for your customers from Hyperline.

To do so, go to Hyperline main menu, in the Customers section.

Navigate to the Wallet tab, and click on Create wallet.

Manage wallets

Once you have created a wallet, you can come back to it anytime to Add credits or Pause the wallet payment if you need to. Those are done through the wallet Action menu.