Coupons definition

Coupons in Hyperline are a way to offer discounts to your customers.

Coupons can be offered as a fixed amount or a percentage of a given price.

Coupons can only be applied when assigning a subscription. They are a way to offer a discount on a subscription amount and will be applied to the subscription invoice right away.

To offer discounts to your customers out of the context of a subscription (one-time payments), you can top-up their wallet for free. Learn how to top-up a wallet.

How to create coupons

To create a new coupon, go to the Coupons section and click on + New coupon.

Then fill-up the following information:

  • Name: the coupon’s name (try to use simple, clear names)
  • Description: the description is for internal use only and is not required to create a coupon
  • Choose if you want to create a fixed amount or a percentage discount
  • Choose the amount or the value of the coupon
  • Redemption deadline: set up a deadline if you want your coupon to become invalid after a specific date
  • Redemption limit: set up a limit if you want your coupon to be used only a specific amount of times

Click on Create new coupon once you are done.

Your new coupon will appear instantly.

Apply coupons

Once you created coupons, you can apply them to customers.

To do so, go to Customer, then to Subscription, and click on Assign new subscription. In the process, you can add coupons.

Choose your coupon from the list and select it, you'll be able to set how many times/how long you want to apply it

Visit our page assign a subscription to learn more about this process.

Using the API

You can also decide to manage coupons using the Hyperline API. Visit our API reference documentation for more details.