Emails settings of your account can be configured in the Settings > Emails page.

Additional email recipients

Hyperline provides the ability to add 5 recipients to the emails it sends to your customers.

This feature allows you to keep key stakeholders, such as your finance team or accountant, informed. The email notifications currently include information about pending invoices and paid invoices. This ensures that your team is always up-to-date with your billing status.

Support email

Hyperline uses a designated email address for support-related communication.

This email is used when issues are detected with your integration, data loaders, or API. By providing a specific email for these notifications, you can ensure that important updates regarding your system’s status are directed to the appropriate channel.

Customers automated emails

Hyperline allows you to manage the types of emails sent to your customers. There are 5 different types of emails that can be enabled or disabled according to your preferences.

  • Invoice to pay
  • Invoice paid
  • Checkout session created
  • Checkout session completed
  • Payment error

Click on ‘Save changes’ to validate.

This settings apply to all your customers.

If you wish to apply specific settings at the customer or subscription level, please contact our support.

Visit our Invoice emails documentation page for more details about invoice emails.