Invoices in Hyperline

Hyperline provides a simple and versatile invoicing solution to automate your invoicing, no matter the pricing model or the currency. Automate recurring billing or create one-off invoices on demand for your customers.

Hyperline automatically computes line items for invoices corresponding to products in the assigned plan.

Invoices are managed in the Invoices section of Hyperline. You can configure your invoice in the Settings pages.

Invoices numbers always follow a sequential pattern (learn more in the invoice configuration).

Invoices always feature:

  • A creation date
  • A due date
  • The invoice status
  • The invoice category
  • The payment method
  • The total amount for the transaction, including VAT if applicable
  • Names and addresses of both parties
  • Legal information (if any were added in the Invoice settings)

Invoices have categories and status that we describe in the sections below:

Invoice status

Invoice categories

Invoice filters

View invoices by customer

You can view all the invoices for a specific customer by going to Customers, selecting one customer and clicking on the Invoices tab.

Send recurring invoices

Recurring invoices are automatically generated for recurrent payments, such as for monthly subscriptions. For this, you need to assign and start a subscription to a customer to trigger recurrent invoicing.

Recurring invoices can have different amounts or the same amounts each time, depending on the pricing model (pay-per-use is more likely to vary over time than monthly fixed-price subscriptions).

One-off invoices (charge one-time payments)

One-off invoices will be generated for one-time payments, such as onboarding fees, unique license fees or any other kind of product with a fee model you create from the Product catalog section.

To charge a one-time payment:


Go to the `Customers` page

Select the customer you want to charge.


Click on `Action` and `Charge one-time payment`


Choose the product, the name and the price for the one time payment you want to apply for this customer

If none are set by default, you can still visit the Product catalog page to create new fee products.

  1. If you select Charge immediately, the invoice is created instantly and will appear with a Paid status.
  1. If you select Generate checkout link, an invoice will be created with a Draft status until the customer pays through their checkout page.

It is possible to generate one-time payment invoices for a customer who already has an ongoing subscription with recurring invoices. Alternatively, it is possible to generate one-time payment for a customer without an active subscription.