Sometimes you need to bill a group of customers on a single entity without sacrificing the details of each independent account and subscription.

The organisation-based billing feature is available directly from the customer page, where you can attach a customer to another.

Activate orgaisation-based billing


Navigate to the Customers page


Click on the toggle at the bottom left of the page near `Org. based billing`


Configure the invoicing settings for this customer

You’ll be prompted to choose a parent organisation and then to select an invoicing configuration.

3 options are available at this stage.

  • Individual invoices will move every invoice for the current customer to the parent and invoice it under the parent configuration while keeping the content identical.
  • Grouped will set the current customers invoices as pending and concatenate them regularly with other children from the parent. Concatenated invoices will display one line item per children invoice with the original line items listed in description.
  • No change will attach the child to the parent but will not change any invoicing parameter.

(Optional) Set the parent invoicing schedule

If you have chosen Grouped for the child invoicing configuration, you’ll need to set the grouping schedule on the parent.

To do this, go to the parent customer page, click on the dots next to “Org. based billing” and select “Children settings”.

You’ll be able to select a schedule (monthly, quarterly or yearly) and the next invoicing date. From there everything will be automated, but you can adjust the next invoicing date at any time.

Precisions on organisation-based billing

Payment methods

If a customer is billed through a parent, Hyperline will use the parent payment method configuration to process the payment. So for instance if the child customer is connected to Stripe and has a credit card on file, we won’t use it.

See child invoices

When an invoice from a child is reported to a parent, Hyperline keeps a document specific to the children to make tracking and audits easier.

These documents have the status Charged on parent and are kept in the child “Invoices” tab.

If a child invoice is pending a parent grouped invoicing, it will have the status Pending parent concat.

Remove a child from its parent

In the modal where you linked the child to its parent, a red button has appeared. If you click on this button, the child will be removed from the parent and any future invoice will stay on the child.

Invoices with the status Pending parent concat will move back to the child to get processed.