What is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing, or electronic invoicing, is the process of sending bills and invoices digitally between buyers and sellers. This topic typically involves a standardized format that allows invoices to be issued, received, and processed automatically by the involved parties’ financial systems. This standardization is crucial for compliance, especially in regions like the European Union, where certain standards for e-invoicing are mandated.

Support in Hyperline

Hyperline is compliant with the e-invoicing standard in the European Union, which means it can generate valid invoices in the required PDF and XML formats and automatically transmit issued invoices to the relevant tax authority of the invoicing entity’s country.

Although the implementation of the e-invoicing standard in France has been postponed to 2026, Hyperline is proactively incorporating this compliance aspect into its product foundations. Hyperline is currently collaborating with a Partenaire Dematerialisation Platform (PDP) to offer this service in France and other future countries once the standard becomes obligatory.

CountryGenerate compliant PDF & XML filesAutomatic transmission


If your country already requires this standard, you can activate this capability in your settings.


Go on Settings > Invoicing


Switch on the 'Enable e-invoicing' toggle


Click on 'Save changes'

You can then follow the status of the transmission for each invoice in the invoice details page.