Hyperline automatically sends invoices to your customers via email.

The recipient email corresponds to the one specified in the Invoice emails field on your customer page (located in the Information panel), or, if not defined, to the main Email of the customer.

Invoice ready to be paid

When a new invoice is issued and the customer chose to pay manually by bank transfer (during his checkout), we will automatically send this email with the PDF attached.

We attach automatically on the invoice the bank account details you configured in your Settings > Payment page (bank account corresponding to the currency of the invoice).

If your want to learn more about payment reminders and dunning process, check the Invoice reminders article.

Invoice or credit note paid

Whenever a new invoice is settled (fully paid) for all payment methods including the manual “Mark as paid” action, we will automatically send this email with the PDF attached.

This notification also applies for credit note.

Resend an invoice or credit note by email

You can resend an invoice or credit note by email by clicking on the Resend by Email button in the invoice dropdown anywhere on the site either on the invoices list or the invoice page It will send the right email according to the status of the invoice.

You’ll be asked to confirm the action and reminded of the email it’s going to be sent to. Note that invoice email will take precedence over the customer’s email.

If everything looks good, press “Resend email”, and the email will be sent. An entry will also be added to the invoice’s history.