Activate a pending subscription

If you want to activate a subscription from a pending status (e.g. if the manually or after checkout activation strategy were used during creation, see Activation section):


On the Subscriptions tab, click on Actions then Activate subscription


Click on Activate subscription to confirm

If the subscription’s start date is today or is already exceeded, the subscription will switch to an active state (with a Live tag), and products that need to be billed at the start of the period will be charged immediately.

If the start date is in the future, the subscription will switch to a Starts on ... state, signifying that the subscription is now active but hasn’t started yet. The products will begin to be charged on the starting date.


The subscription status changed and now indicates `Live` or `Starts on ...`

Pause payment collection

You can pause a subscription if you want to stop payment collection without cancelling the subscription:


On the Subscriptions tab, click on Actions then Pause payment collection

The subscription is not charged while paused. You can reactivate it anytime (instantly or later).


Click on Pause payment collection to confirm


The subscription status changed and now indicates Payment collection paused

Reactivate a paused subscription

On the subscription, click on Actions then Reactive payment collection. Upon reactivation, Hyperline will not bill any past period that’s due.

Cancel subscription

If a customer wishes to stop his subscription or if you need to make changes to their subscription that can’t be done through the update subscription option, you can cancel the subscription.


On the subscription, click on Actions then Cancel subscription


Choose when you want to cancel your subscription


Choose between the different methods

  • Refund last invoice: Refunds the total of the last settled invoice to your customer, if available.
  • Refund custom amount: Displays a field for entering a custom refund amount to your customer.
  • Refund pro rata: Refunds a pro-rata amount based on customer usage so far, with a breakdown showing the products and respective balances.
  • Do not refund: Cancels the subscription without issuing a refund to your customer.

When canceling a subscription before billing, for instance, the products within the subscription are billed at month-end (“end of period”) and the cancellation is initiated mid-month you’ll have the option to charge the customer instead. The selection choices will stay consistent, with the exception of the ‘last invoice’ option, which will be adjusted to reflect the estimated amount for the upcoming invoice.


Check that everything looks good before canceling

A credit note will be issued and visible in the Invoices page of this customer. Its category will be Refund with an item “Refund for invoice X”.

Viewing past subscription history

In order to provide enhanced transparency regarding subscription activities, you have now access to your past subscription history. This feature is particularly useful for tracking changes and cancellations of subscriptions that are no longer active.

Upon navigating to a customer’s subscriptions page, you will find a section titled ‘Past subscriptions’.

Additionally, you can choose to archive a subscription by using the ‘Delete subscription’ action. The subscription will then no longer be displayed in the history list.

Using the API

You can also decide to manage subscriptions using the Hyperline API. Visit our API reference documentation for more details.