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Billing platform / billing solution

Hyperline is a billing platform, not to be confused with a Payment Service Provider (PSP) such as Paypal or Stripe. A billing platform or billing Saas solution is a platform that helps businesses manage their billing and invoicing processes. It automates tasks like invoice generation, recurring billing for subscriptions, and payment processing. Hyperline offers ways to connect with your PSPs (Stripe, Mollie, Gocardless) so that we can update the status of invoices and payments for you.

Checkout page

Hyperline provides you a checkout page allowing your customer to autonomously fill their billing information and subscribe to your product.

Generating a checkout page for your customer is only possible after you assigned them with a new subscription. or charge them for a one-time payment..


A coupon is a way to give a discount to your customers. You can either decide to offer a fixed amount (a 10$ coupon), or a percentage (10% off).

Learn more about how to create and apply coupons.

Credit note

When you refund a customer, either fully or partially, we issue in Hyperline a credit note (CN) that will appear under those initials in your customer’s transaction’s history. Credit notes have the same layout as invoices, but feature a refund instead of a payment.

Learn more about refunds and credit notes on this page.


We offer dozens of different currencies for you and your customers to choose from. Yet, your account can only have two main currencies: an accounting currency (the one matching the country and address you provided while configuring your account) and a reporting currency (that will display on your dashboard but not impact your invoices).

Learn more about currencies on the Supported currencies page.


We call customer in Hyperline the end user of the services you are selling. Customers need to be created in Hyperline before you can assign them subscriptions or bill them for one-time payments.

Learn more on how to create customers.

Customer portal

Customer portals are part of the hosted pages we offer you to allow your customer to make autonomous payments (along with checkout pages). From customer portal, your customers can make payments, update their payment method, add credit to their wallet and download their past invoices.


“Dunning” refers to the process of communicating with customers who have overdue payments or outstanding invoices to remind them to make payments and resolve any outstanding balances. The primary goal of dunning is to recover the owed funds while maintaining a positive relationship with the customer.

In Hyperline, we alert you when an invoice is still unpaid after the payment delay exceeded (for bank transfers only). Three days before the due date, we will notify the customer with a warning that the invoice is about to be late. On the due date, the invoice status switches to late. The customer is notified.


Invoices are at the heart of Hyperline’s product. We allow you to bill your customers easily for many different products and pricing models. Invoices are managed in the Invoicing section, and you can configure them in Settings → Invoices before you get started.

Invoices are always numbered sequentially that can’t be altered.

You can add legal information that will be featured on all your invoices (in the footer). This can be related to VAT, legal specificities related to your industry or geographical area, or your terms and conditions specific to the services you provide.

Payment Service Provider (PSP)

Payment service providers - also known as merchant service providers or PSPs - are third parties that help merchants accept payments. Payment service providers enable merchants to accept credit and debit card payments (as well as Direct Debit, bank transfer, real-time bank transfer, etc.) by connecting them to the broader financial infrastructure. They provide both a merchant account and a payment gateway, ensuring that businesses can collect and manage their payments in a simple and efficient way.

Hyperline allows you to connect to your PSP’s account (either Stripe, Mollie or GoCardless at the moment) so that transactions can be automatically processed, and your invoice statuses updated accordingly. Hyperline is not a PSP, we are a billing solution that connects to PSPs to automate the invoicing flow.

Pricing models

Pricing models: A pricing model refers to the strategy used to determine how a product or service will be priced. It can include various approaches such as subscription-based, usage-based, or tiered pricing. We explain in more details the different pricing models below. Visit our Saas Pricing Explorer for more insights into pricing models.


In Hyperline, the subscription model represents the link between a customer and a plan, alongside additional options like prices, items and coupons. You need to create a customer and a plan prior to assign subscription to customers.

Subscriptions can be paused, cancelled (with or without a refund). They match the pricing model (usage based, monthly regular payment, etc.). A customer can only have one subscription at a time. You can however charge one-time payments to customers already having an active subscription.

Usage data & events

Usage data refers to the detailed information sent by SaaS application users, tracking their interactions and activities within the software. This includes actions like accessing features, making API calls, or using specific resources. Usage data and events are relevant in the context of usage pricing models where you charge your end-users proportionally to the service they consume.

“Events” represent specific user-triggered occurrences or actions within the application, such as data uploads, API requests, or the initiation of specific processes.

VAT number

Hyperline handles VAT for you in all your invoices. We calculate the appropriate VAT based on your customer’s country. The right VAT amount and rate is applied right away and visible through the checkout flow. Make sure to check if your customer’s VAT is valid (we will indicate if it is not in Hyperline), but this won’t prevent the invoice to be sent. Invoicing customers with an invalid VAT number could lead to compliance and tax issues, it’s important to get it right.

Learn more about VAT management


Wallets and top-up are used in the context of “pay-per-use” or if you wish to offer free funds to your customers. The wallets’ capability allow you and your customers to pre-pay funds to be automatically used by Hyperline’s system when paying invoices.