When assigning a subscription or charging a one-time payment, Hyperline provides the option to create a Checkout Session where the customer will be able to see the pricing details, correct their billing information and add a payment method.

Subscriptions checkout

When assigning a subscription, you can select an option on page 2 to create a new Checkout Session for the subscription.

The “send link by email” option will send an email to the customer with a link to the checkout session and can be used to speed up the process, otherwise the link will be available on their Hyperline page.

Payment methods are configured for the subscription whether or not you’re setting up a checkout session - but the configuration will be used to choose which form we’ll show the customer within the session.

For instance for a subscription with both Card and SEPA Direct Debit Enabled, you’ll get the following interface.

Once the user validates the checkout, they’ll receive an email confirming their subscription and the subscription will show as “Active” on your dashboard?

One-time payment checkout

When charging a one time payment, you can also create a checkout session for the user to purchase your product. Options are the same, the interface looks slightly different as you don’t have the subscription parameters.