We call customers the individuals or companies buying products and/or subscribed to you. We recommend that you create a customer in Hyperline as soon as someone registers for your product.

If you have a payment provider connected, we’ll make sure to automatically create the customers there for you when necessary.

Add a new customer


Go to the Customers section

Click on New Customer


Fill up the general information and billing details of your customer

Click on Save customer

If you don’t have all the information now, you can still create the customer and come back later to edit its details. Only a name is required at this step, but we recommend filling in at least the currency and country of the customer.


Your new customer is created

It will appear right away in your customer list (under the All filter).

You can click on your customer’s name from the previous screen to access their information.

From this page, you get an overview of your customer’s information on the left of the screen, and you can navigate through their subscriptions, wallet, invoices and events on the right.