Choose the payment delay (expressed in days) that fits your industry’s standard and/or your company preferences. We will indicate unpaid invoices in Hyperline as late after they reach the payment delay.

The payment delay starts to run from the day the invoice is emitted to be paid.

Custom payment delay

During your onboarding, a default payment delay of 30 days has been configured in your settings (SettingsInvoicing page), which can be changed to your preferred value. This payment delay is applied to all your customers.

Additionally, you can customize this payment delay for each customer if needed.

Customize per customer

When creating your customer, you’ll need to enter information concerning your customer and the billing details. In the Advanced section, you can enter the custom payment delay you negotiate with your customer. This payment delay should be in days.

Click on ‘Save customer’ to validate.

This settings can be updated afterward using the ‘Edit customer’ action.

Payment grace period

For invoices with dynamic products (with usage data), Hyperline uses a grace period - defined by a number of days - to leave invoices open before being sent to payment. This period allows you to review the invoices before they are finalised.

At the end of this period, invoices are automatically sent for payment.

The default duration is 3 days, but this can be configured on the SettingsInvoicing page.

Behavior during the period

During this period, newly ingested events for the invoice billing period are considered and invoices are regularly updated, so they have the latest accurate usage data.

Invoices in grace period don’t have a unique number (not part of the sequential numbering), this number is generated when the invoice is finalized/ready to be paid.