Many solutions exist on the billing market. Yet not many allow for the flexibility and versatility offered by Hyperline. Let’s dive deeper into how Hyperline brings value to your business, in comparison to Stripe Billing and Chargebee.

  • Stripe Billing

  • Chargebee

FeatureHyperlineStripe Billing
GeneralHyperline is an all-in-one billing solution for B2B SaaS that offers simplicity when setting up and maintaining billing system, regardless of the pricing modelStripe Billing is Stripe’s recurring billing tool that lets you bill and manage your customers.
Usage-based friendlyHyperline streamlines usage-based billing with a no-code solution.Stripe Billing requires additional technical configuration for usage-based pricing models.
Portal for each clientHyperline provides a comprehensive client portal with live billing and updates.Stripe Billing’s portal remains quite basic.
Fast integration timeHyperline offers rapid integration, completing a full billing system setup in just days, not months.Stripe Billing requires more time and effort for integration (up to several weeks), as well as technical work.
Multi-providerHyperline supports multiple payment gateways, offering flexibility in payment processing.Stripe Billing is closely tied to its own payment infrastructure.
Premium supportHyperline offers responsive support, ensuring that you can get assistance promptly when you encounter issues.Stripe Billing’s support response time can range from a few hours to a few days, depending on the mean of contact.
VAT ManagementHyperline includes robust VAT management within the billing system, saving businesses time and money while ensuring compliance.Stripe Billing offers VAT management, but it’s a paid feature.
Key metrics dashboardHyperline provides essential business metrics in real-time, facilitating informed decision-making.Stripe Billing offers a dashboard for tracking key business metrics.
Price-model adjustmentHyperline offers ease of managing pricing model changes through its intuitive interface, accessible for both tech and non-tech audiences.Stripe Billing requires more effort for adjusting pricing models, potentially leading to additional complexity and requiring some technical work.