Automated seat-based billing

We have introduced a significant enhancement to the “seats” product in Hyperline, designed for representing licensing where the cost of a software application or service is based on a quantity of items (users, accesses, licenses, etc).

Now, this product can be seamlessly connected to your usage data using a dataloader. This integration sets it apart from a proper “usage” product, as it incorporates all the business capabilities of a seat product (increase/decrease of a quantity with volume, packaged or bulk pricing models) while adding specific options to this pricing model, such as prorata calculations, custom refresh frequency, invoicing and application schedules, and refunding decreases—all achieved without the need for any development time.

More details in the documentation


This marks our first step into CRM integration. Hyperline now enables you to seamlessly connect your Salesforce account for automated data synchronization.

It facilitates a bidirectional sync between Hyperline customers and Salesforce accounts. Additionally, we push detailed information about Hyperline subscriptions and invoices to Salesforce, also providing prebuilt URLs for management of them. This allows you to create custom page layouts, flows, or analyses directly within your CRM.

All of this without the need for dev time, manual complex configuration operations, or app installation.

Additionally, we have introduced a dedicated integrations page in the settings, providing a centralized place where you can access all the capabilities.

More details in the documentation

Custom properties

To provide you with greater flexibility, we have introduced the ability to define structured custom properties that can be associated with customer, product, plan, and subscription entities. These properties support various types including simple text, number, boolean, date, and a select list with predefined values.

This addition allows for a range of use cases within Hyperline. For instance, you can now manage the SIREN of customers directly within the product as a structured property, store additional context for each main entity managed through the API, or representing a set of features enabled by a specific billing plan.

This capability can be managed either through the user interface or via the API.


Hyperline now enables you to seamlessly connect your Pennylane account.

This allows us to automatically send invoices with their complete details, including line items and PDF files, along with payment details. Moreover, we retrieve payment details from Pennylane, facilitating automatic reconciliation and marking invoices as paid.

More details in the documentation

Provider fees

We now display the total provider fees for each payment directly in Hyperline, for each invoice.

This enhancement provides clear visibility into this often overlooked cost, offering transparency on the deduction imposed by your current payment processor or service.

In this specific example, Stripe takes $38.57 which represents more than 3% of the card transaction total amount.


We have added a new native BigQuery integration that enables you to connect your database directly to Hyperline using dataloader. Now, you can effortlessly ingest your usage data with zero dev time!

More details in the documentation

Quick actions

We have added a convenient way for quick access to creating customers, subscriptions, one-time payment invoices, products, plans, or coupons. These options are always accessible in the navigation bar.