Our most requested feature so far is out, you can now assign coupons to customers on Hyperline.

Two types of coupons are available (%-based or amount-based) with plenty of configuration options to choose from.

We also invested time it making it really easy to attach coupons to subscriptions and immediately see the impact.

You’ll also be able to attach coupons to specific items depending on your need.

And of course, they’re displayed in our invoice and our hosted portals.

Stripe direct debit

You can now use Stripe as a direct debit provider for SEPA payments.

The integration is done seamlessly in our hosted flows, you just have to switch on the direct debit payment method in your settings once Stripe is connected.

Improved events page

We have rebuilt our events debugging page from the ground up, making it really easy to explore synchronised events. We’ve also added for you a “delete” action to remove unwanted events from our database.

New invoices page

A brand new page has appeared in your sidebar: Invoices. After getting a lot of feedback that invoices weren’t really easy to find, we decided to group them together in a single page. We’ll soon add export capabilities as well as metrics on your revenue, outstanding invoices, and more.

One-time payments checkout

You can now create a one-time payment for a customer without a subscription and we’ll generate a checkout session and an invoice for you.

To access it click on the customer menu (the 3 dots on the top right of the page) and select “Charge a one-time payment”.

Payment methods selection is only available for checkout-based payments and not for immediate charges.

Custom domain for hosted pages

We didn’t expect it, but 100% of our customers adopted the feature as soon as it was available. You can now configure your own domain for checkout and portal links.

Some good domain ideas we’ve seen:


To activate it, you’ll need access to your domain DNS configuration and to do a small action on our settings page.

Subscriptions API

You can now assign subscriptions through our public API. We’ve made it easy yet configurable so you won’t get headaches during the integration phase.

You can find the documentation here and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything.