New dashboard

Let’s face it, the previous dashboard didn’t look good… so we revamped it! You get all your key business metrics in a single place.

ARR is calculated every 5 minutes based on live customers consumptions and churn is computed in realtime when you’re opening Hyperline.

New invoice details page

It’s easier to look at an invoice directly in the app than in the PDF file right? That’s why we’ve added a new invoice details page, accessible by clicking on any invoice table row in the product.

We’ve added a transactions table (with details when an error occurs) and providers fees (nothing is hidden anymore 😉).

Purchase order

You can now assign a purchase order number to subscriptions and one-off payments. Purchase orders will show on the final PDF invoice and on the invoice page directly.

New email for transfer payment

Make your payments by bank transfer even easier!

We now automatically send the invoice to be paid by e-mail to your customer when he chooses to pay by transfer.

New public API endpoints

You can now create products and update prices through the public API.

We’re making changes to our product catalog and this API is already compatible with the future data models.

New webhooks

We also added new webhooks related to customer creation and updates. This allows you to build you own custom integration either by listening those events in your product or use no-code tools like Zapier or n8n to plug updates into external tools (like your CRM).

General Availability of Mollie

At Hyperline, our vision is to stay agnostic from the payment provider to let you the full flexibility of the payment system you want to use. We now integrates Mollie as a new payment provider, it works the same way as Stripe where we orchestrate your account automatically for you.

With Mollie you can also benefit from credit card and SEPA direct debit capabilities, at a lower price than Stripe.