Send quotes to your customers

In our mission to simplify all topics related to billing, we are introducing a new quoting feature native in Hyperline.

Create a quote containing subscription configuration and details, and send it for signature to your customer. The subscription and invoicing will start automatically with all the agreed price and contract configurations, eliminating the need for additional manual actions in between.

Quotes are also available through Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zapier integrations.

This quote feature is in private beta. We are eager to hear feedback from the first usage, and many new capabilities are planned to come in the coming weeks. Let us know if you are interesting testing!

Automate invoice reconciliation with Bank Connect

Last month, we announced a new method to streamline the invoice reconciliation process by incorporating generated and unique bank details attached to the invoices, leveraging capabilities from Mollie.

Taking this initiative forward, we are now enabling you to connect any external bank account and automatically reconcile transactions received on it with Hyperline invoices!

More details in the documentation

Discover our revamped customer portal

Our customer portal (shareable public page) now has a fresh new look!

We’ve revamped the interface to make it shinier, simpler to read, and easier to understand. It allows the display of multiple subscriptions along with additional details.

Improved invoice translation

We’ve improved translation support for products and invoices. You can now add alternative translations for your product names (defined in your product catalog). The correct translation will be used on your invoice depending on its language.

Additionally, the Hyperline invoice layout is now available in Dutch.

You can also include custom text notes/messages on the invoice for your customers. This feature is accessible when editing an invoice before sending it for payment.

Explore live consumption for seat-based product

As for usage-based product, you can now browse live consumption for connected seat products. This provides you (and your customers) with a clear understanding of the events taken into account for billing.

See past subscriptions

We now list all past and canceled subscriptions on each customer, providing you with detailed visibility into their history. Track subscription changes, upsell, downsell, and customer evolution in a single place.

Additionally, you can now add or remove coupons from a live and active subscription.