Product Catalog

We introduced the concept of reusable products in Hyperline, which can be configured in a single catalog, allowing you to define different prices based on a variety of parameters, including currency, billing interval, commitment duration, country location, etc.

New pricing types are now available including basic fee, volume-based pricing, or BPS-based pricing, in flat-fee, seat, or usage-based products.

More details in the documentation

New plans set up

Defined products can now be reused in one or multiple plans, plans act as a template for subscriptions where you can define your different offers.

Even more flexible subscription model

Your customers can now have multiple active subscriptions simultaneously. Additionally, a single subscription can include products with different billing intervals, trial periods, and commitment durations.

This allows you to represent a wide range of needs, from simple cases to complex ones, such as “a customer committing for one year with a two-week opt-out trial period, featuring an annual upfront fixed charge and monthly usage consumption”.

The checkout session page, which is used for customers to explicitly subscribe and provide their billing details, is now optional. Additionally, in this new version, we offer greater flexibility in terms of payment options and subscription activation.

Obviously, all this logic can also be orchestrated using our API.

More details in the documentation

Invoices exports

Invoice exports are live, no more blockers for your accounting! You can now retrieve in one click your invoice data for the period of your choice including line items and PDF files, in JSON, CSV, or XLSX format.

General Availability of GoCardless

To extend our payment collection capabilities and our promise to stay agnostic from a payment provider, Hyperline now fully supports SEPA Direct Debit payment through GoCardless.

Connect your account in one click, your existing mandates can also be imported!

Customer payment method settings

You can now customize payment methods at the customer level, specifying both the methods you allow and the ones that should be used by default. These choices will be reflected on your customer’s checkout pages and portal.

Furthermore, we now offer the option to disable the payment collection logic in Hyperline entirely, allowing you to manage it on your own if you already have a system in place.

Tailored onboarding flow

Our new customers can now benefit from a dedicated in-product experience to help them set up their accounts. Follow the steps and start billing without stress.

New documentation portal

We recently invested a significant effort in revamping our documentation, making it accessible to everyone, including non-tech folks. The technical documentation is now more complete than before, including a detailed API reference.