Wallets allow you and your customers to pre-pay into a balance that’s automatically used by Hyperline’s system when paying invoices. This feature is particularly useful when you want to set up upfront payments and/or pay-as-you-go flows.

There are two types of top-up: paid ones (billed to your customer), free (offered to your customer).

We also invested time to make sure your customers are autonomous in using wallets by allowing them to see their wallet balance, top-up, and see the future projected wallet debits (next subscription to pay) on their dedicated portal page.

As you can also see, we refreshed the UI of the portal page to make it shinier.

The invoice has been updated accordingly to display all the payment methods used to pay it (wallets + credit card for example).

Subscriptions seats count increase

We now allow you and your customers to change the number of seats included in an active subscription.

Your customers are autonomous in increasing the number of included seats on their hosted portal page, while you can increase and decrease this value on your customer view page.

Brand new settings

As you may have already seen, we fully revamped the UI and hierarchy of the settings part of the app.

This includes clearer sections and structure, alignment with our UI brand, and a contextual right panel with help/FAQ explanations or an invoice preview to see in real-time the impact of the setting values on your future invoices look and feel.

We’ll continue to rollout a new page structure to all pages in the product in the coming weeks.

Data loaders improvements

We’ve invested a lot of hidden work and made many improvements in our events ingestion system through data loaders, which make it more reliable and performant (capable of ingesting millions of events).

This is mainly beneficial to our customers with dynamic/usage-based pricing models.


Our most requested feature by our API customers is finally out! You can now receive webhook events from Hyperline and create deeper integrations with your product flows.

This capability comes with a set of developer tools: testing events send, audit logs and activity insights, visual replay, retry, signature, alongside a catalog describing all the available events (related to invoices, subscriptions and wallets for now).

More details in the documentation