Public invoice page

Sharing a link to provide details to your customer or receive payment about a specific invoice is now possible with the public invoice page.

Like checkout, portal, or quote pages, the public invoice page allows you to share a publicly accessible link with your customer, including invoice details, usage consumption history, and a payment form.

More details in the documentation

Upload extra documents and e-sign quote

As a first iteration following the beta launch last month, we focused on allowing the attachment of additional PDF documents to the quote, so you can include detailed contracts, terms of use, conditions, or any other document that makes sense for your business and you want your customer to review as part of their quote signature flow.

Additionally, we added a way to electronically sign quotes, making them legally compliant. This flow is backed by Yousign, a leading European signature provider.

Connect multiple payment providers

You can now connect multiple payment providers to your Hyperline account. This allows you to distribute payment method usage among multiple providers at different costs. For example, you can let your customers pay by card using Stripe and by SEPA Direct Debit using Mollie.

Organisation-based billing

One of the main challenges when implementing invoicing for multiple entities within a single customer group is now a no-brainer with Hyperline! You can represent parent/child dependencies between customers and choose how you want invoices to be issued (invoice the parent company, group all child invoices into a single one under the parent, etc.).

More details in the documentation

MySQL dataloader

MySQL is now available as a Hyperline dataloader. Similar to PostgreSQL, MongoDB, BigQuery, and Snowflake, you can pull your usage data for billing with just a few configuration clicks and without complex technical integration.

More details in the documentation

Fincome integration

Fincome now natively supports Hyperline. Benefit from all Fincome capabilities to analyze your subscription revenue from your Hyperline data.

Payment Provider Explorer

A new Hyperline side project we released this month, a powerful comparator of payment providers and associated costs with the Payment Provider Explorer. No more hidden fees!