New checkout page

Our hosted checkout page was revamped to a slicker and clearer structure.

Due dates, subscription, and one-time payment are now more clearly displayed with precise dates and summary.

Multiple bank accounts

You can now add multiple bank accounts for different currencies.

In addition, we now support new bank account details formats:

  • Account Number - (Ach) Routing Number
  • Account Number - BIC/Swift
  • Sort code - Account Number
  • and IBAN - BIC (already supported)

If your customer decides to pay with bank transfer, we’ll pick the right bank account and format to put on the invoice depending on their currency.

Zapier app

Hyperline now smoothly integrates with Zapier with a dedicated app!

You can sync in a few clicks, without any code, your customers base with your favorite CRM, react to Hyperline events to run workflows on your specific tools, push invoices data to your accounting software, push usage events from your tracking tools, …

The set of possibilities is endless!

More details in the documentation

Grace period for usage invoices

When using pricing with items based on usage data from your product, generated invoices now enter in a grace period before being sent for payment.

This period allows you to have a complete control over the final invoices and review them.

During this period, invoices don’t have a number, can be updated/refreshed to ensure accuracy, or manually validated before the end of the period.

The number of days of the grace period can be configure in the settings (default to 3 days).

React components (beta)

Integrate Hyperline capabilities right into your product with just a few lines of code!

We now provide React components to embed customer’s active subscription and payment method (display + edit).

Generate a token with the API, insert the component with possible customisation, and that’s it. No more complexity!

More details in the documentation