Invoice reminders

You can now automate your payment reminders and dunning process directly within Hyperline! We offer a complete invoice reminder module that allows you to schedule email reminders before, on, or after the due date with fully customizable sequences, messaging, and cohorts.

This enables you to tailor your wording and email frequency based on your criteria, automating your payment reminders and dunning process, thereby eliminating tedious manual actions and ultimately reducing your outstanding and unpaid invoices.

More details in the documentation

Flexible subscription updates

Alongside offering the most flexible subscription model on the market, we now enable you to have full control over your running subscriptions with dedicated update flows. Easily change your subscription’s invoicing parameters, dates, purchase orders, or product configurations for live subscriptions without recreating them from scratch.

Automated invoice reconciliation for SEPA bank transfer

Reconciling your banking transactions with their corresponding invoices for wire transfer payments can quickly become tedious. We are introducing our first step toward eliminating this manual task with an automated invoice reconciliation feature for SEPA bank transfers, powered by Mollie.

We assign a dedicated IBAN (always the same for the customer) and a reference number to the invoice. Then, when a payment is received in the related account, we automatically mark the invoice as paid accordingly.

E-invoicing compliance

Hyperline is now fully compliant with the European standard for electronic invoicing, especially for countries (like Italy) where the standard is already in place and mandatory.

For France, the standard has been postponed to 2026, but we anticipate this compliance aspect to incorporate it into our product foundations.

More details in the documentation

View previous invoices version

Related to the invoice edition feature, you can now browse your history to view previous versions of a specific invoice prior to its updates.

Wallet use for bank transfer invoices

The wallet feature in Hyperline is a useful tool that allows your customers to prepay money to cover future invoices, and enables you to offer specific amounts to be deducted from the next customer invoices.

This capability is now also available for customers paying by bank transfer: the invoice total amount will be deducted from the available customer wallet amount, requiring your customer to only pay the remaining amount.

More fields supported on CRM integrations

We’ve added a variety of new fields to be synchronized between Hyperline and your CRM, including customer language, timezone, invoice emails, tax number, custom tax rate, custom payment delay, next payment date, and amount, among others. If you are interested in using them, simply go to your CRM integration page in Hyperline, then use the Actions > Reconfigure button.

More details in the Salesforce documentation or HubSpot documentation