Pennylane is a French financial and accounting management solution, available as SaaS. Hyperline has partner with Billy to offer a Pennylane integration.


You need to have a valid Pennylane account and admin rights on Hyperline.



On Hyperline, go to the Settings and Integrations page


Click Connect on the Pennylane card


You will be redirected to Billy

You need to click on the “Se connecter avec Pennylane” button.


Enter your Pennylane credentials

You will be redirected to Pennylane where you will be ask to enter your credentials.

Then, select and authorize the company you want to use.


That's it!

Afterward, you will be redirected back to Billy. You’ll find a button to return to your Hyperline account.

Please note that the initial synchronization may take up to 24 hours to complete. Subsequent invoices will be automatically processed.


When you connect your Pennylane account, Hyperline automatically sends invoices with their complete details (including line items and PDF file). Payment details are included, but only if the transaction was processed through Stripe or GoCardless, as per Pennylane’s limitations.

Furthermore, whenever an invoice payment is created in Pennylane, corresponding payment details are automatically created on the Hyperline side. This facilitates automatic reconciliation and marks invoices as paid.

The synchronization delay may take up to 24 hours to take effect.

By default, only invoices created on or after the connection date are synchronized. If you wish to push your previous data to Pennylane, please contact our support.

Reconcile Hyperline and Pennylane customers

If you already have existing customers in Pennylane, Billy tries to match them with Hyperline customers as closely as possible using their name, address, email, and VAT number to push invoices data.

To have control over this mapping, you can click on the ‘Voir les clients’ button in their interface (after clicking on ‘Settings’ under Pennylane on the Hyperline integrations page), and you will have a dedicated UI to manually reconcile customers between Hyperline and Pennylane.