To seamlessly integrate your CRM usage with Hyperline’s extensive UIs, flows, and capabilities, we offer a native HubSpot card. This card appears on your company and deal views, ensuring a perfect blend of continued CRM usage for your revenue teams along with access to all Hyperline functionalities.


Before installing the component, ensure that you have a HubSpot account connected to Hyperline. If not, please refer to the setup guide for instructions.

This component is automatically installed when you connect your account, requiring no manual action from you. It will appear directly on your company views once the setup is completed.


Once installed, this component can be found on both company or deal views, on the right side panel.

From it, you can directly manage your Hyperline customer, assign new subscriptions, and manage existing subscriptions for your HubSpot company.

When loaded on the CRM side, the component will automatically create the first time (and if it doesn’t exist yet) a corresponding user on Hyperline using the user email address from the CRM and the ‘Account manager’ role.