What is Slack?

Slack is a collaborative communication platform for teams, offering real-time messaging, file sharing, and integration with various tools. It organizes conversations into channels based on topics, projects, or teams, fostering efficient and organized team communication.

Send messages from Hyperline to Slack

As an example, this guide sets up a workflow to send your current Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) to a dedicated Slack channel every day.

For this, we’ll create and use a Zapier zap using the Hyperline app.


Use Hyperline's app as trigger

For this example, use the Daily Analytics Ready event. This event is send every day by Hyperline with the latest values.


Click on Add a Step and select the Slack app

Configure the action with the message you want to post.

You can use precomputed variables from Hyperline: ARR, MRR, active customers, revenue last 30 days, ARPA, etc. Those metrics can also be found in your dashboard on Hyperline

Send and publish the Zap. That’s it! 🎉